Nov 15, 2013

Idaho trip part 2

We were in Idaho for 3 weeks, and I can not believe how fast it went.  It was in part due to the amount of traveling we did once we got there.  
I am so glad that we were able to see my little brother and his crazy cute wife! We went to Temple Square and walked through the visitors center and the grounds
Des had to take the pics inside due to the fact that my 3 year was having a melt down and so we were the outside entertainment for those walking by, wahoo!
I hadn't really thought about how long it had been since my girls had been here.  This picture was summer 2007 just before we moved to Colorado.

This picture was taken when we made the trip to Utah for Paisley's blessing.  I was prego with Eli at the time. I can't believe how my sweet family is growing up!
Love the reflection picture! It was hard finding a place where you could see it all.  My guess is the time of day?
Another stop included my dad's family reunion.  I am really disappointed that I did not get more pictures than this:/ Many fun activities, crafts and four wheelers.  This is the line of some waiting patiently. 

Syd did evetually earn the right to go unattended by Grandpa

What a life!
We kept busy at my parents  house with a fun project that kept us up late into the night.  I do not have a finished picture.
Not uncommon for these little guys to get stuck in the greenhouse.  
It not a vacation without seeing someones pet pig!
Always my favorite part of the trip is to Redfish Lake!
How can you Not Love this!
(There was a fire in Boise so it was a little hazy.)
My cousin Karl ventured with us!  It was great seeing him, 
the last time I saw him he was tiny!
It has been a couple years since these two have seen each other. 
I grew up camping and playing with her aunts on this beach .  
Aren't they so CUTE!!  I can't believe how much they've grown!
Grandmas treat at the lodge
Who doesn't like hang'n out with Grandpa on the boat!
Keep'n the tradition alive.  Chipmunk trapping with my cousin Travis
Sorry I am going down memory lane.  
Waiting patiently for it to take the bait under the bucket

Ry was adiment that she was NOT going to try skiing. Next thing I know, not only is she going to try, but she skipped using the boom and straight to behind the boat.
Not on the first try, but the second!!

They both got up for the first time!

Cute Goofs!
This picture doesn't do the view justice! I Love these mountains!

  I can't believe how fast it flew!  LOVED EVERY MINUTE!  
We are so blessed to be able to make such a long and far trip!
Can't wait until next time!!


Miste Chandler said...

Redfish IS pretty awesome TRUE. So glad you were able to come over this summer. It was super great to see you at Alturas. It was a fun summer for sure.

crazy lady said...

That WAS a fun trip down memory lane , both recent and far distant. Your lil family is growing up fast! It was lovely to see you all ( missed seeing Aaron though ).
Craft days with gramma look like fun. And redfish is a wonderful tradition.
Nice that you are able to come for that.

fat celiac said...

I loved seeing the pictures of the girls a few years back and then now. Wow... You think they haven't changed much and then.
I'm so happy I got to spend a bit of time with you during that 3 weeks. At the reunion and during craft night.

Missing you and your peanuts for sure.

Ashley said...

How GREAT that you got to go! What a fabulous trip! LOVED the pics of your girls when they were little! So yummy!!!

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